How to learn

To learn any new tool it is important to have some goal unrelated to the tool itself. Maybe you have a pet project or a project at work you want to try it on. There is a lot on the menu on the left here, so let us give you some pointers to the most important docs to understand Overmind.

  • The introduction video gives you a quick overview of what Overmind is

  • You will benefit from getting into the overall structure with Configuration, then moving on to the specific concepts of State, Actions and Effects

  • If you use Typescript it can be a good idea to already now explore how you use Overmind with Typescript

  • Ready to start building something? Check of the view packages for React, Angular or Vue, to get you started

  • Once you got a feel for it, the Connecting components guide will give you some more insight into how you use your state in the components

  • From here it is totally up to you! Good luck and please visit our Discord channel for support

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