The createOvermind factory is used to create the application instance. You need to create and export a mechanism to connect your instance to the components. Please look at the guides for each view layer for more information.

import { IConfig } from 'overmind'
import { state } from './state'
import * as effects from './effects'
import * as actions from './actions'

export const config = {

// For explicit typing check the Typescript guide
declare module 'overmind' {
  interface Config extends IConfig<typeof config> {}

You can pass a second argument to the createOvermind factory. This is an options object with the following properties.


If you develop your app on localhost the application connects to the devtools on localhost:3031. You can change this in case you need to use an IP address, the devtools is configured with a different port or you want to connect to localhost (with default port) even though the app is not on localhost.EDIT ON GITHUB

const overmind = createOvermind(config, {
  devtools: true // 'localhost:3031'


By default, in development, Overmind will make sure that any usage of console.log will log out the actual object/array, instead of any proxy wrapping it. This is most likely what you want. If you want to turn off this behaviour, set this option to true.EDIT ON GITHUB

const overmind = createOvermind(config, {
  logProxies: false

If you have multiple instances of Overmind on the same page you can name your app to differentiate them.EDIT ON GITHUB

const overmindA = createOvermind(configA, {
  name: 'appA'

const overmindB = createOvermind(configB, {
  name: 'appB'


By default Overmind will do the necessary hot reloading mechanism to keep your state, actions and effects updated. You might not want to use this feature or Overmind does not correctly detect that hot reloading should be turned off. You can turn it off with an option.EDIT ON GITHUB

const overmind = createOvermind(config, {
  hotReloading: false


By default Overmind will create state paths using . as delimiter. This is used to give each state value an address and is used with the devtools. If any state keys uses . you will get weird behaviour in the devtools. You can now change this delimiter to a safe value, typically ' ' or '|' :

const overmind = createOvermind(config, {
  delimiter: '.'

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